We understand that the path to success is rarely a straight line.  GL Consulting offers our clients the best possible service through which to navigate that path.  Whether the requirement is at the task level or project driven, our greatest talents are;  Business Process Mapping, Software Testing & Training, Ticket Tracking & Management, Application Support and Multi-level Documentation.  If you need to ensure that your project pipeline is streamlined and organized; that the documentation for your projects and standard operating procedures is properly assessed and readily accessible; or you just need a home-run presentation, then GLC is the resource for you.


Be a contributing force to the greater good of all those we service.


To aspire to an elevated service profile that positions us as an indispensable resource with an exemplary reputation for excellence, dependability and uncompromising ethics.  We strive always to cultivate lasting relationships based on honesty, trust and respect.  We feel privileged to share in the accomplishments of our clients.


At GLC we believe our values guide our actions, our attitudes and our daily decision-making.  These deeply held beliefs are the standard by which we measure our dealings with each other and the clients we serve:

  • Work Hard
  • Be direct in every exchange with each other and with our clients
  • Represent ourselves and our abilities with integrity and honesty
  • Dedicate ourselves to continuous growth and learning
  • Adhere to the principles of excellence, quality, commitment and ownership
  • Leave every job having elevated ourselves and our clients in every way possible