GLC prides itself on providing support services where they are needed, so clinical staff can focus on what is most important – delivering quality care. Whether you need to supplement current resources or optimize your internal operations, we are equipped to assist with software testing, issue processing, support functions, project implementation and documentation. Please browse our services and let us know what we can do for you.

It is critical to have robust data on which you can fully test the effectiveness or viability of your application software.  Of equal importance is the ability to enter data that will test limits, test predefined outputs, validate individual fields and demonstrate how an application will behave in the face of unexpected entries.  Whether you need data-entry to test a new software installation, test an upgrade or to test HL7 interface mechanics, we understand the critical nature of getting it right.  At GLC we have staff with 30+ years of experience using healthcare applications and understand that the quality of testing begins with the quality of test data.


Discovering the unexpected is more important then confirming the known.George E. P. Box




Do you have a new release of software on the horizon?  Do you have a vendor that needs someone to perform regression testing when your application code gets adjusted?  Do you need assistance to ensure only clean code gets rolled over to the production environment?  When you need additional staff for peak demand, we at GLC have the expertise ready to help. We can document our findings using your specified documentation formats, or we can build one to suit your needs.


…Quality debt focuses on the impact of implementation and quality decisions on the end user and business; how those decisions affect their ability to do their day-to day-job.Jordan Setters


At GLC we have experience that spans the spectrum of working environments from private family-clinic practices up to and including large hospital IT service divisions. We understand the depth and breadth of application support. We are well versed in the responsibilities of being a liaison between your end-users, your vendor, administration and management. We will also fully document our efforts so that issues are properly tracked and resolved to your satisfaction.  We can help in a crunch, cover for maternity-leaves, assist during large installations or migration projects. We are just a call away.


Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.Damon Richards




The Healthcare industry, and in particular the IT services on which they depend, is demanding, exacting and often reactionary.  Frequently these demands are driven by shifting priorities, sudden threats or projects with aggressive timelines and tight budgets.  At GLC we understand that when such demands spread your resources thin, the critical documentation you need falls explicitly by the way-side. Whatever your documentation needs are, we have the expertise, experience and skill to get it done to your exact specifications.


If it is not documented, it doesn’t exist.  As long a information is retained in someone’s head, it is vulnerable to loss.Louis Fried